Virgin Media Pledges ‘Hyperfast’ Gigabit Broadband To 15 Million Homes By 2021

Virgin Media has announced plans to present gigabit.

The Net service provider has said over a million people are going to be able to get into the”hyperfast” speeds this year, beginning with Southampton, where it has been trialling the technology.

It Will even bring gigabit broadband to a other town yet before rolling out throughout its entire network during the next two years, to be determined in 2019.

Speeds of one gigabit per second (1Gbps) will be approximately Double what Virgin Media currently offers out of its fastest product, which it claims has a normal download rate of 516Mbps (megabit per second).

Upgrades are being made into the present network of the company And will demand a new router, chief operating officer Jeff Dodds clarified.

“We’ve got a cable network across the UK we have Invested in and kept in extremely good shape through the years, so we’re in a position to earn these changes comparatively quickly and relatively inexpensively,” he explained.

The Move comes in anticipation of higher demand for faster broadband, with staged ultra high definition 4K content expected to increase and the arrival of cloud gambling inclined to be an added strain on suppliers.

“If All houses are streaming their content in 4K as conventional today that could boost capacity requirements by roughly 12 times,” Mr Dodds continued.

“And if they were to do this not in 4K but in 8K, then you can only imagine the boost in bandwidth demands.”

According to Virgin Media, its gigabit service is about 20 times faster than the UK average link.

This Would indicate downloading an ultra high definition 4K film of roughly 20GB in size taking less than three minutes, in contrast to nearly an hour (52 minutes) about the UK’s ordinary relationship, it asserts.

Mr Dodds said that the Liberty Global-owned firm wasn’t ready to discuss pricing details, though it’ll be a”premium service”.

“We welcome Virgin Media’s dedication to investing further in its own Network, providing gigabit rates to countless more households,” said Sharon White, chief executive of Ofcom.

“This reveals the race to roll out ultrafast speeds to individuals and businesses across the united kingdom is really gathering speed.”

Paolo Pescatore, an analyst in PP Foresight, described the development as a”great move for UK plc”.

“Competition Is warming up with Openreach hastening its efforts to coincide with the alternative network suppliers like CityFibre and others emerging from out of the blue,” he said.

“Arguably, this movement Should have come but will bring advantages to Virgin Media clients for possibly a couple of more.”

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