Ford Hauls Rail Cars To Tout Towing Capacity Of Electric F-150 Pickup

Ford took a step Tuesday to demonstrate an electrical version of its F-150 pickup truck is over a rumor.

The automaker released a video showing a battery-powered F-150 prototype pulling 10 double-decker railroad cars over 1,000 feet, once with the cars vacant and another time with the railroad cars loaded with 42 gasoline-fueled F-150s, or even a payload of 1.25 million lbs. That is more than 94 times a gasoline engine F-150s’ capability.

Ford did not disclose details about the way the electric-truck group, led By main engineer Linda Zhang, pulled off the eye-popping stunt. It did acknowledge that the”one-time brief event demonstration” is not a credible depiction of the truck’s real towing strength. However, Ford and its competitors must allay fears among the hard-core truck-buying masses that an F-150 EV will be any less”Ford demanding” than its traditional counterpart.

The Business is spending $11.5 billion to launch more than a dozen new Hybrid and battery-only models by 2022. A gas-electric hybrid vehicle F-150 will come to market in 2020. Ford officials say that version will also have the ability to serve as a mobile generator.

In addition, the Dearborn-based automaker plans to present a Mustang-inspired hybrid utility model next year.

Full-size pickups represented 14 percent of complete U.S. light-vehicle earnings in 2018. They account for a much larger proportion of earnings, particularly for domestic manufacturers.

So convincing pickup buyers that electric drivetrains are a viable Option is essential to creating substantial consumer demand for EVs generally.

“This demonstration showcases our commitment to stay the clear Leader in trucks as well as to highlight our commitment to the future of electric vehicles,” said Ted Cannis, Ford global director of electrification.

There’s one inherent advantage for battery-powered trucks: instant torque. Electric motors generate maximum torque from the moment a driver’s foot strikes the accelerator, while even the most muscular V-8 motors need to build up speed to reach their peak torque.

Ford’s F-150 EV effort will benefit eventually from the $500 million investment in startup Rivian, declared earlier this season.

Before this month Volkswagen announced it would partner with Ford And Pittsburgh-based startup Argo AI on development of electrical and automated vehicles. Ford is investing $1 billion and Volkswagen, $2.6 billion in Argo AI.

Ford and Volkswagen hold equal stakes in Argo, but has a majority position.

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