Microsoft Renames Office Online To Just Office

Microsoft is renaming its Office Online web apps to just simply Office. The software maker is using the new terminology”relatively soon” after it finalizes all the adjustments to its marketing and technical content. “Since our offerings have evolved to give access to apps on more than one platform, it makes sense to use any platform-specific sub-brands,” explains Bill Doll, senior product marketing officer at Microsoft.

Microsoft is also discontinuing the use of”Word Online” Microsoft says it might refer to this as”Office for the net” in the future, but this is just to differentiate between Office on Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android and the internet.

This new branding might seem a little perplexing, however it Makes sense for Microsoft’s broader ambitions with Office and, particularly, the internet. Microsoft set its touch-friendly Office programs for Windows 10 on hold this past year, and decided to prioritize net development instead. Microsoft is also developing a brand new Fluid Framework which will improve Office in the browser, using a new flexible record format, text translation, and multi-person cooperation.

This Fluid Framework feels like the future of Office and Windows, And Microsoft now seems to be laying the groundwork for all these web versions of Office to become a lot more successful in the decades ahead.

Microsoft’s Office name change does not affect products Such as Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Project Online, and workplace Online Server. These will keep the Internet moniker, and this just Applies to the Office programs.

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