Netflix Launches Mobile-Only Streaming Plan For Less Than $3 Per Month

Netflix is launching a mobile-only version of Its Own Streaming support today. The lower-priced program will cost Rs 199 ($2.80) a month, and it is limited to a single mobile device with standard 480p streams. While the new grade is only starting in India today, Netflix has hinted it would examine the service in select states so it could extend further in the future. The statement comes just days after Netflix revealed that a mobile-only service would launch in Q3.

Last week the company’s surprising Q2 earning results demonstrated it has only increased by 2.7 million paid customers Globally, nearly half of the subscribers it had been predicted to have increased by this stage. Netflix stock has continued to fall over the last week, signaling broader worries about the company’s slowdown.

Netflix’s new mobile-only program will work on one “Our associates in India see more on their phones than members anywhere else in the world- and they love to download our shows and movies,” says Ajay Arora, manager of product innovation at Netflix. “We believe this new program will make Netflix more available and better match people who prefer to watch on their smartphones and tablets–both on the move and at home.”

There are no signs that Netflix will launch a similar Business might be forced to look at similar ways to keep people hooked to Its streaming service

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