China’s Didi Chuxing Launches Robot Taxi Experiment In Shanghai

Didi Chuxing is launching a self-driving car pilot in Shanghai, the Chinese ride-hailing giant announced.

The company says it will deploy “30 different models of L4 autonomous vehicles.

Customers can use Didi’s app to summon an autonomous vehicle to pick them up. But the cars will most likely include a human driver behind the wheel.

All self-driving rides will be free of charge.


Didi has had a very interesting couple of years, to say the least.

The company first crossed many people’s radars in 2016 when Apple announced it had invested an eye-popping $1 billion in the ride-hail service.

Eventually, the battle grew too costly for Uber, which was reportedly burning through $1 billion a year to compete with Didi. In August 2016, then-Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said he would sell Uber’s Chinese business to Didi for a 17.7 percent stake in Didi and a seat on the company’s board. In exchange, Didi invested $1 billion in Uber.

 Last year, Didi expanded into Mexico, intensifying its global rivalry with Uber.

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